"The Beast & the Whore rule without control"  
    William Blake, 1792

Peter Dale Scott

The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War (Part Two)

At some point in time, the leaders of Halliburton and Diligence, Alfa’s allies and “roof” in Washington, allegedly made contact with a shady group in Russia with Alfa connections, a group that, back in 1998, incorporated itself as the Russian firm Far West Ltd (now Far West LLC).

Obama and the Intelligence Cabal

There is a lot of anti-Obama speech on the Web. Why should anybody care about a bunch of former Soviet spooks fulminating against the President of the United States?

Update on the Arctic Sea Affair

The Arctic See had no arms in her hold... only drugs.

From the Arctic Sea to the Titanic?

There is a wide intentional conspiracy to subvert Obama's policy to normalize the relations between the United States and Russia. A group of US militarists, led by Vice-President Biden, uses the extremist top brass of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) for black psyops operations against Russia..


Sam Haider: "Saidov told me the whole story"
Australian newspaper on the murder of Sarfraz Haider, Far West Ltd, and smuggling Ukrainian missiles with nuclear warheads to Iran and China. With commentaries by

Up to 20 nuclear-capable Kh-55 missiles -- with a 3000km range -- and four 200-kiloton nuclear warheads were stolen by a shadowy group of former Russian and Ukrainian intelligence and military officers.

Saidov's “Bagram Group” May Have Been Involved in Afghan Attacks Aimed at Steinmeier

Since the Chechen Republic is a part of the Russian Federation, the attacks against German forces by Kadyrov's secret service on the territory of a foreign state can and should be constructed as Russia's acts of war against Germany.

Saidov and his FarWest partners publish poisonous vitriols against Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Helmut Schroeder. They may have just moved from hate speech to hate action.


Prince Turki Rescues His “Far West LLC” Partners from Charges in Conspiracy to Murder Sulim Yamadayev

The information about Prince Turki's interference on the part of Saidov and Kadyrov does not come as a surprise, given the extensive business and political relations between Turki's family and the group of former Soviet intelligence officers, Ruslan Saidov among them, who are usually designated in Russian press under the collective name “FarWest.”

The Blues They Played in Moldova

The anticommunist pogrom in Chisinau was organized by Romanian and Ukrainian secret services in coordination with the Russian Embassy in Moldova. On the photo: Russian Ambassador in Moldova Valery Kuzmin (left) and General Vladimir Filin of Ukrainian military intelligence.

Renegate Intelligence Officer Opens "The Trotsky Institute" in Moscow

Organizer of the "conspiracy in Nice" Anton Surikov aka Gregory Orloff (center) with his Washington friends Zeyno Baran of the Hudson Institute and Fiona Hill of the CIA. Their new project in Russia goes under the code name "Neotrotskyism."


Za operacja "Clean Field" stali amerykanscy syjonisci-neokonserwatysci i ukrainscy faszysci. Wywiad Nataszy Barcz (NB) z Vadimem Stolz'em (VS) szefem miedzynarodowej sledczej grupy dziennikarskie j Left Russia

Un piege pour la Russie : les neoliberaux etasuniens et les fascistes ukrainiens derriere l’operation « Table rase »

Nous pensons que cette conspiration s’est formee au printemps 2008 dans le triangle forme par l’equipe de campagne de Mac Cain, d’anciens membres du « groupe super secret » de BOB GATES de 1989-1991 et les representants du centre clandestin BANDEROVITE (NDT : Banderovites : fascistes ukrainiens, voir plus loin) dans le service central du renseignement militaire du Ministere Ukrainien de la Defense.

Bush erpresst Deutschland in der Frage NATO-Mitgliedschaft der Ukraine

F. William Engdahl

Wladimir Iljitsch Filin, Schwergewicht des ukrainischen Geheimdienstes, und sein Unternehmen Far West Ltd. sind vermutlich die entscheidenden Verbindungsglieder zur CIA beim Drogen- und Waffenhandel.


A Trap for Russia. U.S Neoliberals and Ukrainian Fascists Behind Operation “Clean Field”

The conspiracy matured by the spring of 2008 in the triangle
between Senator McCain's campaign, the former members of Bob Gates' “supersecret group” of 1989-91, and the representatives of the clandestine Banderovite center in the Main Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukrainian Defense Ministry,

Ukrainian Deputy Asks U.S. Ambassador Taylor to Clarify US Position on Ukraine's Nuclear Status

Deputy Leonid Grach: "I would like to know if the government of the USA is interested in thedeterioration of relations between Russia and Ukraine."

Bush blackmails Germany by Ukraine's plans to go nuclear. A new round in the strategy of tension?

Having Merkel stunned by his announcement, Bush then accused Germany of leaving Ukraine no other choice [to defend itself against Russia] and put the blame squarely on the Germans if Ukraine goes nuclear.

Kadyrov's “death squads” in Afghanistan.
UN Report by Professor Alstone

"Secret Afghan death squads, acting on the orders of foreign spies and killing civilians inside Afghanistan with impunity" are under the command of the double agent Ruslan Saidov -- the chief of the secret Chechen intelligence service who has recently met with Robert Kagan, advisor to Senator John McCain.

Our Jeopardy!

From the left: Andrei Kozlov - banker (+ 09.14.06), Anna Politkovskaya - journalist (+ 10.06.06), Paul Khlebnikov - journalist (+07.07.04), Max (Mad) Kurochkin - mobster ( 03.27.07), Oleg Orlov - arms dealer, partner of Viktor Bout (+ 07.09.07)

What is in common between these individuals besides the obvious fact that they are dead?

Now the West Has No Choice but Between al Qaeda and Kadyrov”: “Caucasian Emirate” is a Provocation by Kadyrov's Intelligence Chief

Former GRU officers General-Major Vladimir Filin and Brigadier-General Ruslan Saidov (right) have under their command some of the most dangerous intelligence organisms in the former Soviet Union: Special Department "R" of Ukrainian military intelligence and the "Istanbul Bureau" of External Intelligence of the Republic of Ichkeria.

Patrushev is about to be replaced by Mr. Cherkesov?
Given his rivalry with Mr. Sechin and his close relations with Finance Minister Kudrin, Mr. Medvedev is more than likely backing the Cherkesov-Chaika faction.

Barbarossa at Our Gates?

The Anti-Russian Alliance of Western and Saudi Intelligence Behind “Far West LLC“ Prepares Bloody Sunday in the Northern Caucasus, Food and Gas Blockade against Russia

Third Barbarossa
(Short summary and Contents in English )

Turki, Braithwaite, Gates, Ermarth -- they already beat us once in the last lethal stage of Barbarossa-2. Now they are back for the endspiel of Barbarossa-3. If they win this time there will be no fourth.


Liquidation of Oleg Orlov and the Problem of 2008

Orlov's murder will allow FarWest to concentrate on destabilizing Russia and help Bush to legitimize attacking Iran.

Who and Why Created the "Conspiracy in Nice" Fake
With the original text of 1999

The "conspiracy in Nice" was an information trap that intended to make FarWest the masters of the discourse on the secret springs ofthe Second Chechen War, the bombings in Moscow and the "Operation Heir."


Davidoviz-Muller's ties to LA fascism, to death squads, his double game with FARC are logical outcome of the social nature of FarWest -- the mafiiso-political society born out of the New World Order, new fascism.

The All-American Girl from the CIA and Hizb ut-Tahrir

On her photo Ms. Fiona Hill, a newly appointed CIA National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia, looks like an All-American Girl: all pure goodness, moral solidity, energy, and idealism.

US Companies Linked to Vice-President Cheney Supervised the Transfer of Ukrainian WMD to Iran

Owners of Far West Ltd (from the left): Ruslan Saidov, Vladimir Filin, Anton Surikov

American People Want To Know Truth about US Government and the Drug Meta-Group of Vladimir Filin

To: President George Bush
October 30, 2006

This story states that Far West L.T.D.,a business front with Halliburton is transporting heroin from Afghanistan via U.S. airbase in Bagram, Afghanistan to U.S. airbase in Magas, Kyrgystan into Russia and Europe and the U.S.

Open Letter to Chechenpress

We invite the editorial board of Chechenpress to express your opinion about Saidov's allegations and, by doing this, to put the end to the strange silence in relation to Ruslan Saidov and his "partners" in the consulting agency Far West, LLC, Anton Surikov above all.

The End of the "Conspiracy in Nice"

The "conspiracy in Nice" has been proven to be a fake. Instead, there was a conspiracy to create and plant this fake in public consciousness.

Kagarlitsky was appointed director of IPROG on the request of Anton Surikov, the alleged organizer of the "conspiracy in Nice"

The "Troika" of IPROG (left to right): Boris Kagarlitsky, Ilia Ponomarev, and Anton Surikov

New Information about Filin's Group

"Somewhere near Moscow": Anton Surikov (center) with Shatbai Shavit (left) and Dov Kontorer at the recent conference of Israeli and Russian intelligence services organized by Sergei Kurginyan and his Experimental Creative Center. Photo courtesy

IPROG "Experts" Update Their Mug Shots

Ruslan Saidov aka Ugur Mehmed (left) and Vladimir Filin aka "Ilyich", "El Buho". Photos courtesy

Peter Dale Scott

far from the corrupt court
into the mountains

Expert Confirms Heroin Trafficking by Russian Military

Russian military-transport planes with Afghan heroin on board landed in Chkalovsk airfield near Moscow.

"The CIA is absolute universal evil, Satan and the enemy of human kind" - says IPROG expert in La Paz, Bolivia

Russian military oligarch Vladimir Filin believes that drug trafficking should not be the monopoly of the United States.
* * *

Leading Researcher at IPROG and Co-Owner of Far West, LLC Anton Surikov Makes Personal Threats Against Dr. Vladimir Bilenkin, Editor of Left.Ru Literary-Critical Supplement and Professor at North Carolina State University

Left to right: Dr. Anton Surikov and Dr. Vladimir Bilenkin

"Consulting" Agency Far West, LLC Paid $3 Million Bribe to Ukrainian Official For Illegal Arms Deals with Syria and Iran

Proceeds from "confidential contracts" were laundered through Panamanian offshores Isofert Trading INC and Transchem International INC, owned by "small oligarch" Viacheslav Kantor (right).

Far West, Ltd. Leaves Europe Under the Threat of Criminal Prosecution. Renamed Far West, LLC

Military oligarch Vladimir "Ilyich" Filin Flees Europe in fear of US prosecution for smuggling X-55 cruise missiles to Iran.

Academician Anton Surikov Confirms Professor Peter Dale Scott's "Prishtina Dash" Hypothesis

Behind the Russian paratroopers' "mad dash" to Slatina airport in Kosovo stood military drug lords from the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Head of the General Staff of the Russian Army.

Conversations with Armen (Russian)

Complete record of our communications with Armen Sarkisian, officer of Russian military counterintelligence, assassinated in July 2005.
Excerpts in English

Tango Far West Style

Israeli Intelligence Source Hints that Far West, Ltd/LLC Was Behind the X-55 Transfer Sanctioned by Washington

MI-26 Helicopter downed by SAM "Igla" in August 1999. 121 men killed.

Russia is not Israel. We are more interested in this question: Was it indeed Vladimir Filin's group who in 1997 delivered to Basaev and Hattab a party of Ukrainian SAMs "Igla"?

“Far West, LLC” Co-Owner, Mentioned in X-55 Scandal, Accuses US Military Intelligence of Using the Hawala Network for Money Laundering and Personal Enrichment

New Information on the Involvement of Far West, Ltd in Illegal Arms Smuggling

What will Oleg Orlov spill?

Did the CIA Order "People's" Referendum in Russia?
(In Russian) (English synopsis)

Alexandr Prokhanov's operational legend was to be a textbook great-Russian chauvinist and anti-Semite. His real role, as the asset of Anglo-American intelligence and a member of the alleged meta-narcogroup Far West, Ltd, is being unveiled only now.

Saidov's Rehersal
(in Russian)

Major of GRU "in reserve," Ruslan Saidov (alias Ugur Mehmed), emerges as a central figure in the secret alliance between Anglo-American intelligence and international terrorism.

Peter Dale Scott
The Global Drug Meta-Group:
Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11

John Dunlop, the Hoover scholar

On photo: Dr. John Dunlop of Hoover Institution

"When I say that Dunlop suppresses certain details, I do not mean to suggest that he does so conspiratorially, or even consciously. My notion of deep politics posits that in every culture and society there are facts which tend to be suppressed collectively, because of the social and psychological costs of not doing so."

The United Socialist Front of Boris Kagarlitsky with Narcobarons
(In Russian) (English synopsis)

Bad Actors in IPROG. Part Two: The Raid
(In Russian) (English synopsis)

Bad Actors in IPROG. Part One: The Devil's Dozen
(In Russian) (English synopsis)

The GRU Colonel Anton Surikov and one of the gurus of Western Left Boris Kagarlitsky: A "Postmodern" Alliance

Boris Kagarlitsky Defends Himself Against
in Cover-Up (07.05)

You smell a rat?
we guarantee your anonymity

Yasenev's Memo

Sergei Petrov's Interview:
Revelations of the Fugitive Kremlin Financier



Narcobarons from the CIA and MI-6
interview with Vladimir Filin

Two Barbarians:
TINA and Khozh-Akhmed Nukhaev, wanted for the murder of Paul Khlebnikov of Forbes Magazine. Photo from Nukhaev's archive captured by Russian intelligence.

FarWest: Members and Partners

From the left: Vladimir Filin, Ruslan Saidov, Anton Surikov. Recent photo from Finland

Vladimir Vladimirovich Litovchenko (b. 1960)
General-Major of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense,
Vice-president of Far West LLC
Owner of several ethanol factories in Brazil,
business partner of George Soros
Known cover names:
Vladimir Ilyich Filin (Ukrainian and British passports)
F. P. Carvallo (Brazilian passport)
Stoikovich (Serbian passport)
Known handles:
"Ilyich," "El Buho"

Anton Surikov -- Mansour Nathoev
Ret. Colonel of GRU, commander of the "security service" of the Cherkess Congress. Received special training in guerilla warfare and psychological operations, member of the Far West
LLC board of directors

Fritz Ermarth of the Nixon Center and SAIC.
"Former" CIA officer, probably partly ethnic Adygei and distant relative of Surikov-Natkhoev. Main contact of Farwest in the United States. Specialist in disinformation and false-flag operations. Representative of the US military-industrial complex and post-Nazi elites in the Atlantic intelligence community. Member of the Bushes' inner circle of political and intelligence operatives. Ideologically motivated Russophobe, one of the central figures in the ongoing secret war against Russia.

Sir Rodric Braithwaite of
Deutsche Bank and
David Cameron's Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs

Ruslan Saidovich Sadulaev (b. 1960)
Major-General, Advisor to the Minister of Defense, Republic Uzbekistan, head of the illegal "external intelligence service of Chechen Republic," formerly "The Istambul Bureau" under President Maskhadov. Close associate of Khozh Nukhaev, wanted for the murder of Paul Khlebnikov.
Known cover names
Ruslan Saidov (Russian passport),
Ruslan Muhammedovich Muhammedov (Uzbek passport), Nihat (Turkish passport)

Alexei Kolosovskii (b. 1960)
Ulrainian and British passports on
Alexei Likhvintsev

Major-General of
Ukrainian military intelligence, in charge of the Special Department "R" (Russia). Married to Liudmilla Rozkina, US and British passports, former GRU agent.
Handles: "Pribalt"
Photo circa 1988-89

Igor Sechin (b. 1960), Kremlin functionary and the informal leader of Russian siloviki.
Served in Angola under Kolosovskii's command as military interpretor.


Major-General Valery Lunev (cover name)
KGB, Belarus
Handle: Lun

Alfonso Davidoviz-Mueller,
Cuban-Soviet double agent, banker, involved in narcotrafficking and money laundering, known to major secret services and used by them. Married to a relative of Venezuelan General Mueller Rojas.
Handle: "Felix"

Yakov Kosman
(cover name),
Israeli passport
former GRU agent from the anti-COCOM network, works for French intelligence, resides in Nice, owns banks and offshore companies in the Caribbean, involved in narcotrafficking and money laundering, old-time partner of Davidoviz-Mueller

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