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Mr. William Taylor

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Embassy of USA in Ukraine

Dear Mr. Ambassador!

Lately in Mass Media there appeared reports about the presence in the arsenals of

Ukraine of nuclear weapon, allegedly secretly stored by military and by the

employees of Security Service of Ukraine in violation of Budapest protocol of 1995.

Information spreads, that, «despite the protocol signed in Budapest in 1995,

Ukraine secretly stores a few nuclear warheads - from 3 to 5. Their technical state

seems to be satisfactory and it is maintained. Specialists and scientific and

technical base for this purpose are available in Ukraine. Kiev has facilities of

delivery of nuclear warheads – tactical aviation».

Practically simultaneously with promulgation of this information in Mass Media

statements of the President of the USA George Bush, and also of the American

political scientist, former adviser of the President of the USA on questions of

national safety of Z. Bzhezinskiy were sounded approximately on the same subject.

Thus, in Mass-Media there appeared information about the statement, made by the

President of the USA George Bush during the meeting with Chancellor of Germany A.

Merkel' of June, 12, 2008. According to the American President, counteraction of

Germany as for the membership of Ukraine in NATO compels some Ukrainian military and politicians to examine the possibility of returning the status of a nuclear state to


According to Mass-Media reports, George Bush declared that military-political

leadership of Ukraine considered the prospect of appearance of nuclear weapon in our

country of nuclear weapon as very credible, as it disposes facilities of its

delivery (by a tactical aviation), possesses technologies of its production and

supply of plutonium, sufficient for making nuclear warheads.

Besides, George Bush is believed to be the author of the phrase that «Ukraine has a

lot of radio nuclides for the so-called «dirty bomb». The statement of Z.

Bzhezinskiy, the known supporter of «containment» of Russia, due to creation of

tension of Ukrainian-Russian relations was also disseminated recently. According to

him, «Russia will not take away the troops from Crimea for nothing». In this

situation, as Bzhezinskiy underlines, «Ukraine will not be able to talk with Russia

on equal without a strong army».

A similar rhetoric from the side of the leading American experts and political

figures pushes the Ukrainian politicians, standings on ProAmerican positions, to the

hard and aggressive statements, having evident anti-Russian and Russophobic

character, provoking the return reaction of Russian power. In spite of absence of

any serious external threats for national safety of Ukraine and obvious aspiration

of Russian leadership to build good-neighbourly, partner relations, politicians,

related to Ukrainian power, try to intimidate public opinion, organize militaristic

campaigns, directed against Russia. Thus, this February people’s deputy of Ukraine

from a block "Our Ukraine-Peoples’ Self-Defence" and Head of the Party "Pora”

Vladislaw Kas'kiv declared the necessity of updating of the nuclear status of

Ukraine. Moreover, the organization "Pora" declared the beginning of the civil

campaign «For the nuclear shield of Ukraine», the first measure of which was a

parade before the Embassy of the Russian Federation. At the beginning of May of 2007

the consultant of the National Institute for the issues of international safety at

the Council for National security and defense of Ukraine Yaroslav Matiychik declared

that «Ukraine should preserve the nuclear status up to the entry in NATO and

European Union».

In connection with publications in press and public utterances of experts I have

sent a deputy appeal addressed to the President of Ukraine V. Yuschenko with a

request to give official elucidation of the leaked into the Mass-Media information

about the presence in the arsenals of Ukraine of nuclear weapon, hidden by military

and by the employees of Security Service of Ukraine in violation of Budapest

protocol from 1995.

Dear Mr. Ambassador! I would like to get from you, as from the official

representative of the government of the United States, answers for questions,

concerning the foreign-policy course of the USA.

I would like you to explain, if the absence of negative reaction of the

administration of the USA to the reports about the possible returning of nuclear

status of Ukraine expresses a change in the American view on the question of

distribution of weapon of mass destruction. It is generally known, that in the

recent past American administration resorted to tough measures in relation to

countries, suspected of secret production of nuclear, chemical or bacteriological

weapon. For this purpose the government of the USA utilized the arsenal of

facilities from economic sanctions and organization of international pressure (as in

situations with North Korea and Iran) to a large-scale military intervention in

Iraq, resulting in the death of a few hundred thousands of citizens of this country.

Thus the government of the Republic of Iran declares the absence of any plans on the

production of the weapon of mass destruction, and in regard to Iraq similar

suppositions appeared fully far-fetched (unfortunately, it was found out already

after encroachment of the US military forces). I ask you to specify, what actions

the government of the United States is going to undertake in regard to the Ukrainian

politicians and military, voting for returning the nuclear status to Ukraine (and

possibly secretly hiding the weapon of mass destruction against international

obligations, both of Ukraine and the United States).

Is the Mass-Media information that the President of the USA in fact blackmails the

Chancellor of Germany with the threat of the willful returning of nuclear status to

Ukraine, in order to force German government to give consent to the entry of our

country in NATO justified? If this message has a slanderous character, why it was

not refuted by American administration or its official representatives? In addition,

could you explain, if you consider possible to involve Ukraine into NATO despite the

position of a number of Western-European leaders, the being allies of USA, Russia

and will of the Ukrainian people, which is openly trampled by politicians standing

at power, adhering to the ProAmerican orientation.

I would also like to know, if the government of the USA is interested in the

deterioration of relations between Russia and Ukraine, in a decoupling, having

connected the brotherly peoples of our countries during centuries. Your official

answer to this question can have an enormous value, especially in the light of the

abrupt intensification of activity of Russophobic and anti-Russian forces, using a

protection of the operating Ukrainian power.


Leonid Grach

People’s Deputy of Ukraine

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