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“Far West, LLC” Co-Owner, mentioned in X-55 Scandal, Accuses US Military Intelligence of Using the Hawala Network for Money Laundering and Personal Enrichment

Mr. Ruslan Saidov (Turkish passport in the name of Ugur Mehmed)--Major of GRU 1  in reserve and co-owner of the "consulting" agency Far West LLC (formerly Far West Ltd)--has recently accused the high ranking officer of US military intelligence (DIA) Colonel Caleb Temple and his colleagues of running a heroin operation in the Near East and using the hawala money-transfer system for money laundering.

Just as his business partner Vladimir Filin 2 , Ruslan Saidov has emerged in public domain only recently from that murky anonymous zone where for the last fifteen years or so, former officers of Soviet secret services have been converting their expertise and connections into wealth, power, and more connections. What is different about Saidov is that this son of a high-ranking party apparatchik, known for his militant atheism, is a hardcore convert to Muslim fundamentalism and thought to be a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood's “Special Organization” in the former Soviet Union. 3 

It may seem that Mr. Saidov's credentials make him an unlikely partner of DIA, the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and similar pillars of the Western security state. But the world of late imperialism creates most strange bedfellows. Especially when things concern Russia, or the Soviet Union before it. Suffices it to recall the well-documented alliance of Islamic fundamentalists, Osama bin Laden's Maktab al-Khidimat, and the choicest set of Afghan drug lords with the “land of the free” in the 1980s. Imperialism's war on “international terrorism” includes imperialism's use of “international terrorism” as its proxy for war against Russia. In this war people like Saidov and his friends are invaluable assets. Thus, according to one source, the CIA contracted Saidov for the liquidation of Abu al-Walid in 2004, when this officer of Saudi General Intelligence Service was about to leave Chechnya with his men and possibly join the Resistence in Iraq. 4 Recently, however, Saidov's and his Far West, Ltd partner's relations with Western intelligence came under the stress of Oleg Orlov's affair and the information about Far West, Ltd involvement in illegal arms smuggling, including the sale of Ukrainian X-55 cruise missiles to Iran and China. 5 Perhaps, this explains Saidov's recent “leak” about the involvement of US intelligence services in heroin trade and money laundering. Saidov's (and his FWL partners') own expertise in these activities has been recently the subject of substantial interest in Russian press, including the journalistic investigation by burtsev.ru in the course of which our intelligence source was killed. 6 What follows is an excerpt from Saidov's article about the recent reports in British press that Iran provides training camps for Chechen terrorists. 7 We hope that this information can be of interest to researches and all people of good will who believe that something is terribly wrong with the world where under the pretext of state security, cliques, unaccountable to the people, run amok and bring us ever closer to the brink of mutual annihilation.

Research group burtsev.ru


The hypocrisy of Western politicians and propagandists is well known. Just consider the public statements by US officials that hawala (a Muslim form of money transfers based on trust) is “the most important money-transfer service used for financing terrorists” and includes the financial and the banking systems of Dubai and Pakistan, where allegedly ”regulation and control of financial markets are practically non-existent.” This is what the senior officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Caleb Temple, told about the mechanism of hawala. He alleged that the money, moved through hawala, come from Syria (from smuggling), as well as from wealthy “extremists” and charities in Europe and the Middle East. Supposedly, also U.S. money is moved, by way of hawala, to “terrorists” in Iraq. 8 

It is noteworthy that Americans do not mention that smuggling through Syria and Lebanon comes through the US occupied Iraq where it is brought by US military transport planes from Afghanistan via the US base in Qatar. In the “Sunni Triangle” the agents of US secret services give this smuggled goods, or, to put it simply, the Afghan heroin, to those very “terrorists” who they supposedly fight, but in reality provoke religious strife between the Iraqi Sunni and Shiia communities. As to the money which Colonel Temple's colleagues in DIA and the CIA receive for their part in heroin traffic through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, they laundry this money exactly through hawala in Pakistan and Dubai. I can even name those who do this and through what financial institutions.

So the Americans will be well advised to think before making statements about Syria, hawala, Iran, or, for instance, about the Philippines “terrorist” organization “Abu-Sayyaf.” After all, this organization was created in the early 1990s by the Philippine military intelligence closely supervised by DIA and the CIA. As it was proved in the Philippines court, this organization was for a long time headed by an officer of this military intelligence. It was also established that several years prior to 9/11 this officer discussed in Manila plans for an aerial attack against the WTC Towers not with the representatives of Osama bin Laden, but with one ultra-right US organization, whose member, Timothy McVeigh, soon afterwards blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing hundreds of people. This discussion was conducted on the initiative of the Americans. 9 

End quote.


1  GRU—Russian abbreviation for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of Defense Ministry.

2  On Vladimir Filin, see our publication “Narcobarons from the CIA and MI-6. Interview with Vladimir Filin” and also the so-called Yasenev's Memo and Peter Dale Scott's pathbreaking essay “The Global Drug Meta-Group:Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11.” Lobster. The Journal of Parapolitics: <http://lobster-magazine.co.uk/articles/global-drug.htm>

3  Sources on Saidov's career and biography include Yasenev's Memo (English), “Conversations with Armen” (Russian), “Saidov's Rehersal” (Russian), Saidov's own article “Beslan oplachen na Rublevke” (Russian).

4  Yasenev's Memo, also quoted in Peter Dale Scott “The Global Drug Meta-Group”Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11

5  “New Information on the Involvement of Far West, Ltd in Illegal Arms Smuggling” <http://left.ru/burtsev/ops/x-55en.phtml>

6  The officer of Russian military intelligence Armen Sarkisian was killed on July 27, 2005 in Dagestan. See “Conversations with Armen” (Russian)

7  Ruslan Saidov, “Information of British Media that Iran trains Chechens in terrorism Is 100% Lie.” Pravda.info, 11.29.05: http://forum.msk.ru/material/news/5275.html

8  Apparently, Saidov refers to Caleb Temple as quoted in “The Invisible Bankers.” By Michael Freedman, 10.17.05. Forbes.com <http://www.forbes.com/business/global/2005/1017/024A.html>

9  On Terry Nichols' (McVeigh's accomplice) contacts in Manila, see “Timothy McVeigh and the Marketing of Osama Bin Laden.” By Chaim Kupferberg at <http://globalresearch.ca/articles/KUP310C.html >

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