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Far West, Ltd. Leaves Europe Under the Threat of Criminal Persecution. Renamed Far West, LLC

Last week, Pravda.info published the article "The CIA and Israeli Intelligence Conduct Big Operation" by the military oligarch Vladimir Filin, head of the controversial “consulting agency” Far West, Ltd., which has become recently the subject of substantial interest in Russian investigative journalism and internationally. 1 

In his article Vladimir Filin alleged that the US and Israel wanted to compromise Russia's arms trade with countries like Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and other “pariah states” in Washington's parlance. Most interesting is Filin's announcement about his company's exodus from the West. We quote.

"External pressure on the Kremlin is strong and open, but not always successful. Therefore the US and Israel need new means for pressuring [Russia]. Specifically, there has been a decision made to discredit the mechanism of political decisions in Russian arms trade by portraying it as corrupted. Supposedly, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Sudan and other "outcast countries" pay bribes to the Kremlin through some alleged middlemen to get political approval for arms contracts. I don't know anything about such bribes. I assume they do not exist. But this is not important for the CIA and Mossad. All they need is to find a convenient candidate for the role of the alleged middleman, make him testify, and then to spin the scandal in the unprincipled international mass media. It is well-known how skillfully Western press demonizes businessmen from the former Soviet Union without any proof [of their guilt]. It suffices to recall the unbridled campaign of slanders against such a law-abiding person as Victor Bout, who was turned into an international outcast.

Nowadays, the CIA and Mossad are trying to do something similar with the agency Far West LLC (formerly "Far West Ltd") now by threatening it, now promising all kind of rewards for "cooperation."

Simultaneously, in the West, Ukraine, and Russia, the US and Israeli intelligence services and their agents of influence in Kiev and Moscow have started a campaign of psychological pressure against "Far West LLC." In the Internet they've been creating a reference base, both in Russian and English, for the planned publications in leading Western media outlets, which usually serve as a prelude for criminal investigations and arrests.

Under these conditions, the leadership of "Far West LLC"--who does not wish to smear themselves and to play into the hands of the enemies of mankind--the United Sates, NATO, and Israel--have transferred the management of the agency from Europe to the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, and Ukraine, that is to those countries where the blatant provocations of the US and Mossad are less easy to conduct and where extradition is impossible unless in the form of kidnapping and other illegal activities.”

At the same time those in the Kremlin must clearly understand that no private structure by itself, without support can oppose the state, especially such powerful as the United States and Israel."

End quote.

According to a later announcement by Pravda-info, Vladimir Filin moved from Lausanne, Switzerland to San Paulo, Brazil, where he joined a number of companies and business ventures. 2 


1  See, Peter Dale Scott, “The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11.” Lobster. The Journal of Parapolitics <http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/articles/global-drug.htm>

2  See, the masthead of Pravda-info at <http://forum.msk.ru/author/19.html >

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