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“Even in Putin there is more of Lenin than in all Western Left for the last 50 years.” A Reply of a Russian Marxist-Leninist to a Western Leftist

Editor's Note. Below we publish a comment made by Valentin Zorin, editor-at-large of Left.ru and burtsev.ru, to the article “Lenin’s Epitaph: Lessons from the Russia - Georgia War,” published in the blog of The Ruthless Critic of All That Exists. We apologize for preserving some non-normative language of the original.

* * *

Any "ruthless criticism of ALL that exists" cannot be taken seriously unless it begins with a ruthless SELF-criticism of the Ruthless Critic. It is doubly so if the Ruthless Critic belongs to the Imperialist Left by birth, education, and his all life experience (political history, mentality, cultural prejuduces, etc.) RCATE's dogma that " it's all about oil" shows his complete ignorance about the causes of this war. But this ignorance is not of innocent kind. The Imperialist Left uses it again and again to mask the aggressive designs of Western ultra-imperialism against Russia and all other countries that stand on its way to world domination. The Left Boot loyally marches on with the Right Boot, not a step behind! The Western Left is just as RUTHLESSLY hypocritical as its ruling classes.

Just like the American fascist Robert Kagan, our "ruthless critic" deems it irrelevant just WHO attacked WHOM on August 8. Just like the Nazi-kisser McCain, our ruthless critic does not seem to care that this was the third attempt by Georgian chauvinists to cleanse South Ossetians out of existence, the first under the Menshevik President Jordania in 1920. Just like Western corporate press, our ruthless critic of ALL, that is except his own complicity in the ideological white-washing of Western ultra-imperialism and benefiting from those proverbial "crumbs" from its table, somehow forgets that it is US NAVY that enters the Black Sea to rearm Georgian fascists, not Russian Navy entering the Gulf of Mexico. It is NATO that encircles Russia, not Russia encircling Britain and its settler empires. It is US and British intelligence who stir ethnic hatred in the former SU, not Russian FSB training Scottish and Texan separatists. These FACTS do seem important to our ruthless critic of ALL, except his own prejudices. Even honest bourgeois observers begin to speak up as critics of Western imperialism in the face of these and similar facts, while our ruthless critic of ALL, with his upper lip stiffened, makes no difference between the aggressor and its victim, between the gang of Western ultraimperialists and the nationalism of the people they want to destroy.

Lenin is and will remain in our hearts. Even in Putin there is more of Lenin than in all Western Left for the last 50 years. It is Putin who said right after 2000 Russian citizens were murdered by Georgian fascists that the Georgian people are our brothers, that Russian culture is unthinkable without Georgian culture. And what do YOU know or care about Georgian culture? You don't even know Russian, the language of Tolstoy and Lenin, to read news other than those your corporate media poisons your brain with! Shame on all of you, shameless Western fuckers, left and right! For you to become human again only a bitter medicine will help. Nothing short of losing dozens of millions as we did to break the back of German Nazism, no, of Western Nazism, because without the entire history of the genocidal West there would have been no Hitler. Russia will lead the peoples of the world you fucked up and genocided for centuries and we will destroy you. We will, sooner or later!

Valentin Zorin,

Russian Marxist-Leninist

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