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Rambler's Top100

By Dave Silver

I asked an African American bus driver why he thought that the corporate ruling class in Wall Street contributed more money to Obama than Hillary. He quickly replied that they wanted to pick a "winner." Sure, I responded, but winning for what? Like the auto stickers with the American flag saying "United We Stand, but for what?" My explanation is that the McCain-Palin gang are dim witted and reminiscent of Reagan, only in more dangerous times. (no Soviet Union as a counter balance)

Of course the corporate criminals correctly concluded that an intelligent and resourceful President Obama would be much more effective in using all measures-diplomatic and military in order to control global markets, and to maintain super power status.

Enter Rahm Israel Emanuel, the Democratic Bob Haldeman genre of Nixon fame. Who is this Emanuel, the Chief of Staff to be and perhaps the most powerful politician after the President? His political and ideological formation as a teenager was provided by his Dad, Benjamin who helped smuggle weapons to the Irgun in the 40's. A Zionist militia (along with the Stern Gang) that of former Israeli Prime Mister Menachim Begin that carried out numerous terrorist attacks on Palestinian civilians including the King David Hotel.

While we cannot hold Emanuel responsible for the huge crimes his father supported, we should note his track record since 1991 in support of the first Gulf War, his volunteerism to maintain Israeli vehicles that attacked Lebanon and as White House political Director for Bill Clinton He is one of the most influential politicians and fundraisers in his Party that accompanied Obama to a meeting of the AIPAC Executive Board, the most powerful and racist Lobby since the tobacco industry. While attacking the legitimacy of Hamas, not being sufficiently supportive of Israel.

Obama is considering Larry Summers, a former Clinton Treasury Secretary and close to the Clinton Democratic Leadership Council the more Right leaning part of the Party. Obama's choice to head the "transition team" is John Podesta former Chief of Staff to Clinton. John was founder of the Center for American Progress whose first Mission aim is to "Restore America's global leadership to make America more secure." That is carte blanche for regime change, war crimes and the rape of the country's resources like in Iraq.

To round out the Obama team we have Robert Rubin former co-chair at Goldman Sachs and neo-liberal Keynsian getting Clinton to sign a bi-partisan measure to repeal the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933 that separated the functions of Investment and Commercial Banks and eliminating government oversight and

accountability for the ruling Transnationals and Banks. This opened the door to the Fanny Maes and Freddy Macs, the sub-prime bubble and the "crisis on Wall Street." To show bi-partisanship

Obama has put the Bush Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on his short list.

We should have massive demonstrations, including shutting down of the White House (as was done in the 60's with civil disobedience, demanding that Obama implement

The following measures in his first 100 days:

1. Take at least half of the trillion dollars away from the Bailout to create massive work projects and to help regain working class homes lost in foreclosures.

2 Bring Troops Home Now

3 Raise the minimum wage to ten dollars and a Single Payer Health Care system.

4. Build hundreds of thousands affordable housing such as the Mitchell-Lama program in New York State.

5. Reduce the prison population by providing for non-violent drug offenders, rehabilitation instead of Jail. To pardon or use Clemency to free all political prisoners.

6. Provide an easy path to permanent residency and U.S. citizenship for most undocumented workers.

November 7, 2008

From Editors. We asked our frequent contributor Comrade Silver to write his short bio for this publication. Belo is the letter we received from him.

Comrades at Left Russia,

My Infantry Division the 30th, met the Red Army in Germany. I was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge January 19, 1945.

I came from an Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn but did not become religious when my father died a few months after my bar-mitzvah.

I had no real political consciousness until I returned home in August 1945. I then became active in the Left leaning American Labor Party.

Shortly thereafter I was recruited the a local C.P. branch and because I read the Little Lenin Library books I became Section Literature Coordinator.

I was a supporter of and active in many groups and organizations such as Independent political movements such as the Freedom and Peace Party a Left group that supported the work of the Black Panther Party, Cuba Solidarity, antiwar and justice movements.

I was very active in opposing the anti-communist leadership of my union, the United Federation of Teachers. (I taught Social Studies on the Junior High School level for 26 years.

I now support a Marxist-Leninist Party called the Party of Socialism and Liberation.

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