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Dave Silver
Anti-communism 101 from Tallinn, Estonia

April 29, 2007

After the Red Army liberated Nazi occupied Estonia, a six and a half foot sculpture was put in the center of the capital, Tallinn in 1947 to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany.  On Thursday April 26 the government ordered workers to build a fence and tents located in a small triangular park near Tallinn’s Old Town.   The reason was to start excavations allegedly to determine if Soviet soldiers were buried there.

Over 1000 protestors, mostly Russians living in Estonia gathered around the Park realizing that the neo-liberal Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and his Ministers had led the push for the monument’s removal.

Tear gas and battle gear were used by the police as 300 protestors were arrested and the New York Times reported that 44 were injured and one man stabbed to death.

The political motive?   The removal of the symbol of the Soviet defeat of German fascism would enhance the chances of Estonia to join NATO, the European Union and be part of global capital and good relations with the IMF and World Bank.  What better way to win favor with capitalism/imperialism than to show your anti-socialist/communist credentials. 

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