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Dr. H. Salari
The Blind Theory

Dividing the people by their religions, nationalities, languages, races, and genders, is misleading and dangerous. It is like throwing dust into the eyes of the people.

Christians can be exploiters or be exploited. They can be oppressors or oppressed, rich or poor, just like Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Africans, Semites, and Arabs.

Timur Lang (1336-1405), the Tatar warlord, was a Muslim, and those heads that he made towers of them were cut-off from Muslims.

The massacre of Christians on the black-night of Barthelemy (23rd through 24th of August 1572) was accomplished by Christians.

In the U.S. civil war (1860-1864), white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, were killing each other on the battlefields.

During World War II, more than fifty million Christians were killed only in Europe by the hands of Christians themselves.

In Vietnam (1960-1975) thousands of Buddhist-Vietnamese were tortured and killed by the American puppet rulers, who were also Buddhist and Vietnamese.

At the time of imperialism-inflicted Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), millions of Shiite Muslims on both sides were mutilated and killed.

In Rwanda (1994) about one million Africans were massacred by the hands of other Africans in a few weeks.

These are just a few examples of the long saga of human suffering. This suffering was not first started because of a conflict between worshippers of the moon and those of the sun, nor was it between worshippers of this tree or that animal. It began by seizing others’ tools, properties and lands and is continued through the history till now. This is exactly what we are witnessing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and other parts of the world with different names. In other words, it is the forceful redistribution of the lands, plundering of the wealth, mapping and remapping of the territories, continents and the whole world. This is a struggle between those who extort the means of production (the exploiters) and the great majority of people (workers, the working people, the oppressed, deprived and poor).

To perpetuate these unjust societies, thousands of years of ruling-class experiences are deployed, especially through the media to fool and blind the people. But these blind theories necessarily bring about blind actions: terrorism, violence, war and destruction.

We are experiencing a sick society, which its signs and symptoms are unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, corruption, violence, war and terrorism. This sick society is the direct result of the dominant economical system- capitalism and its final stage imperialism. Christians fighting Muslims, Muslims fighting others does not solve the problem. At the end, we again will face the exploiters, the oppressors and the plunderers, and the human suffering continues. The real front is the struggle to eliminate the exploitation of man by man. It is a struggle to build socialism.

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