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 Dave Silver


August 6, 2005

Periodically over the past 6 years since the arrest of the Yugoslav President, segments of the Left continue

to perpetuate his demonization using what Ed Herman has

aptly called the “Politics of the Srebrenica Massacre” to justify

his trial as a war criminal. For instance during the NATO

bombing Jeremy Scahill condemned as co-evils

the bombing and Milosevic on a Democracy Now program.

Recently posts to the News List of the United for Peace and

Justice by Bill Weinberg of the World War4 Report describes

the massacre” that begs comparison to My Lai in Vietnam.

Why do these distortions, half truths and outright

lies continue by various radical and otherwise progressive

political currents?    One of the goals of focusing on Srebrenica

was and is to put the Clinton-Blair war against Serbia in a good

light.  Never mind the U.N. Charter, the war crimes in the

bombing of Serbia, open attacks on civilians and the use of

depleted uranium.  Never mind the refusal to negotiate  any

kind of settlement while sabotaging the 1992 Lisbon Agreement.

Never mind that the most ethnically cleansed areas in the former

Yugoslaviaare Croatia and NATO-occupied Kosovo. 

Perhaps a touch of anti-communism is also at work.  After all Milosevic

was a Communist turned nationalist politician.

Evidence of the “Massacre?”

In September of 2002 the Republika Srpska Bureau for Cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) issued a report about the alleged Massacre. The report relied on U.N. documents, International Red Cross documents, BH Army

documents and photographic evidence. The conclusion was that

the official Srebrenica story was fraudulent. Or we can note what
General Lewis Mackenzie, the first U.N. Commander of

Peacekeeping forces in Srebrenica told the Toronto Globe and

Mail last month. It wasn’t a “black and white event in which the

Serbs were solely to blame. If you are committing genocide you

don’t let women and others go.”

When, in defiance of Belgrade’s Constitutional Court

President Slobodan Milosevic was brought by the Prime Minister

and his co-conspirators to the American airbase in Tuzla, Bosnia for transfer to the International Tribunal in the Hague, George W. was so delighted that he increased payments to Belgrade to over one billion dollars.  The Liberal-Left do not ask the key questions like why western imperialism supports the so called Democratic Opposition or why Serbia lifted Kosovo’s autonomy since that would lead to the knowledge that that the mercenary Kosova Liberation Army is being funded and supported by the CIA and Washington. This served to destabilize Yugoslavia and protect the corporate mining interests in the Trepca Mine complex. 

The Liberal-Left by and large accepted the imperialist lies

Regarding the alleged Serb genocide 5 years ago.  The Washington orchestrated lies were covered in the veneer of

concern for humanitarianism.  Similar lies were put out by

a PBS “Documentary” about the mass graves found in the

town of Vinnitsa in the Ukraine in 1942 attributed to Stalin.

Reuters and German prisoners later confirmed that they were

gravesthe Nazis used for their victims. 

Milosevic told the western imperialists that they could not

station NATO or other troops on Yugoslav soil.  They would not be allowed to build a pipeline through the Balkans to the oil rich Caspian Sea.  There were mineral rich regions where Serbs, Croats and Muslims lived by and large peacefully. 

As a result the U.S., France, Germany and Britain decided that the only

way to get a client state in the region was to dismember the

former Yugoslavia which still held on to some socialist

Infrastructure and services.  Quickly weapons and Intelligence

were provided to mercenaries labeled freedom fighters, as well as elements in and outside the Serbian Socialist Party who were

identified as reformers who wanted to bring “democratization”

to Yugosalvia. The Voice of America and Radio Free Europe provided

broadcast frequencies as well as faked photos of alleged atrocities

compliments of Clinton and Albright. 

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