Prince Turki Rescues His “Far West LLC” Partners from Charges in Conspiracy to Murder Sulim Yamadayev

Russian Army Colonel Sulim Yamadayev has survived an attempt on his life after being hit by three bullets in the underground parking of his Dubai apartment in the Marina district – said his younger brother Isa in the interview to Kommersant.

According to some sources, Dubai authorities put Yamadayev under the witness protection program. Meanwhile, the further police investigation of this case--beyond the standing arrest warrant for the Chechen Vice Prime Minister Adam Delimkhanov(Demilkhanov)-- is likely to have been blocked by the powerful business and political partners of the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov and his intelligence chief Ruslan Saidov. has learned that Prince Turki al-Faisal had a conversation with the Emir of Dubai Sheik Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum soon after the Dubai investigators paid visit to the local office of the private intelligence company Far West LLC, located in the Jumeirah area, where they talked with the president of Far West LLC Prince Rasheed aar Rasheed and Mr. Valery Lunev, the executive director and the head of the Dubai office.

Prince Turki asked Sheik Maktoum “not to touch Kadyrov and Saidov.” Sheik Maktoum apparently gave his consent on the condition that no more murders would be attempted in Dubai.

Our comments and background information

The information about Prince Turki's interference on the part of Saidov and Kadyrov does not come as a surprise, given the extensive business and political relations between Turki's family and the group of former Soviet intelligence officers, Ruslan Saidov among them, who are usually designated in Russian press under the collective name “FarWest.”

The Turki family owns 37 percent of the private intelligence company Far West LLC, formally registered by several Bakhrein offshore companies. Turki's relative Prince Rasheed aar Rasheed is the company's president (since the end of 2007). Ruslan Saidov controls 25 percent stake in FW. That includes Ramzan Kadyrov's share and that of Vladislav Surkov, the ideological chief of Putin's and Medvedev's administrations. The rest of the company is controlled by General Vladimir Filin of Ukrainian military intelligence (25%) and the US company KBR (formerly KBR Halliburton – 13 %), represented by the British military intelligence officer Ruslan Berenis.

While Prince Turki is formally the president, in practice the company is managed by Vladimir Filin, Ruslan Saidov, and Valery Lunev.

An article by Andrei Petrov, published last January, provides a rare glimpse into the secret world of offshore private intelligence and military companies.

According to Petrov's German sources, financial report of FW's subsidiary Far West Gulf, LLC for November-December 2008 included payments for 2009 orders from four offshore companies. The Germans were able to identify the payees who stood behind these offshores.

One of them was the largest Chinese state oil company Sinopec (transfered to FW Gulf $23 million).

Another $38 million came from the informal consortium of three prominent Near East families – Saad Hariri's (Lebanon), Turki al-Faisal's (Saudi Arabia), and Nawaz Sharif's (Pakistan).

The third payment of $16 million came from a group of Iranian firms exporters of high-tech equipment with connections to the Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

The biggest payment ($19 million and 49 million euros) came from a “strange group” of Ukrainian coal mine owners in Donbass and Lugansk Region and the German manufacturers of equipment for nuclear power stations.

Petrov associated at least some of these payments with the “gas war” between Ukraine and Russia in January 2009. This hypothesis was supported by the substantial evidence that General Filin has been playing important role in the behind-the-scene orchestration of gas conflicts with Russia.



Ruslan Saidov (b. 1960 as Ruslan Shamilievich Sadulaev in Khasaviurt, Daghestan, USSR), half Chechen, half Spaniard. Ret. Major of the Soviet General Staff. General-Major, Ministry of Defense, Republic of Uzbekistan. Advisor to the Defense Minister Ruslan Mirzaev; head of the illegal "external intelligence service of Chechen Republic," formerly "The Istambul Bureau." Close associate of the former Chechen intelligence chief Khozh Nukhaev, wanted for the murder of the Forbes journalist Paul Khlebnikov.

Known cover names: Ruslan Saidov (Russian passport), Ruslan Muhammedovich Muhammedov (Uzbek passport), Nihat (Turkish passport). Resides in Istambul and Dubai. Controls (through intermediaries) a number of construction companies in the Gulf. Saidov's companies participate in the management of Jumeirah Beach Resort and the Mall of the Emirates. Vice-President of Far West, LLC.

Saidov is thought to be a Sufi sheik and a liason between Central Asian, North Caucasian, and Jordanian tariqas. Politically, he is associated with a radical Pan-Turkist branch of the Grey Wolves underground.

According to sources in CIS intelligence sources, Saidov was the mastermind of the recent assassinations of Kadyrov's opponents in Moscow, Vienna, Istambul, and Dubai.

Valery Lunev (cover name, b. 1960, in Kuliab, Tajikistan). Officer of the Soviet General Staff. In the 1980s took part in anti-COCOM activities in the Netherlands. Has Dutch passport. Major-General of Belorussian KGB, in “active reserve” since 2007. Served in Iraq (1990-1991). Converted to Islam after marrying a relative of President Dudaev . Pan-Turkist, connected to radical branch of the Grey Wolves underground. Fluent in Arabic and Farsi. Executive Director of Far West, LLC .

Vladimir Ilyich Filin (b. 1959 in Kiev as Vladimir Ilyich Litovchenko). General-Major of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Coordinator of the intelligence consortium of Polish, Belorussian, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian military intelligence services. Ideologically motivated neo-Banderovite, thought to be one of the central figures of the “Banderovite Center” in Ukraine's army and intelligence community.

Known cover names:

Vladimir Ilyich Filin (Ukrainian and British passports)

F. P. Carvallo (Brazilian passport)

Stoikovich (Serbian passport)

Known handles: "Ilyich," "El Buho"

Vice-president of Far West LLC

Prince Rasheed aar Rasheed (probably a cover name), 35-40 years old, assumed to be senior officer of the General Intelligence Service, relative of Prince Turki al-Faisal. Speaks fluent Russian. In 1997 was in Chechnya with Hattab. President of Far West LLC (since March 2008)

16 April, 2009

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