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Willy M.
Oh Russia, pity the poor fool that is America

America is Bankrupt and losing a war in Afghanistan. Its allies are being bailed out by Russia and the Russian Navy is flaunting its power in the Caribbean in support of a powerful anti-Yankee coalition in Latin America.

Oh how the mighty have fallen, and we all know this is just the beginning. It's a little like watching the closing scenes of a Greek Tragedy. We know where this is heading, and it's not pretty.

Things must look very strange here to the average person in Russia. The West and in particular America has been held up as the model of what their country should be transformed into. And now America is collapsing, what should a Russian think?

You may have been told that America is about constantly moving forward, always developing, shedding the worthless and always developing the new. Well, it has some truth, but it should be known that America has two elements that one does not talk about very much but are essential to understanding us. These elements are war and inflation. Without these two elements there is no economy in America. These are the basis of politics and they are essential life blood of our way of life.

Because we need war and inflation our present crises is not only perfectly understandable it is the essential effect to which we are entirely the cause. How did this strange way of life come about you ask? There is nothing in the works of Marx and Lenin to explain why such a way of life should continue for so long and now after the death of its rival the Soviet Union it should collapse so easily? Why when it has no real enemies should it start plunging into the very depths of hell?

To understand this I must explain how you can make lots of money from war and inflation.

First imagine you know that inflation will go up very soon. Only you know this, so you borrow lots of money. Soon with the effects of inflation no matter how much money you borrow and what rate, when inflation goes through the roof then the money you owe is worth less and less.

So you borrow to buy stocks, and the stocks go through the roof with inflated prices. The money you borrowed is now worthless and the stock's value now makes you very rich.

Imagine you could cause inflation to occur whenever you chose. You borrow money at a low rate and buy stocks when they are cheap. Then you cause inflation, the loan still remains cheap but your stocks are now worth tremendously more.

Buy low, cause prices to rise, then sell high.

But how to cause prices to rise, how do you make inflation? How about a war?

Wars and any violent sabotage upon innocent communities, destroying industry and the livelihoods of families has always been the surest and most efficient way of making prices inflate.

So get yourself into incredible debt, own an oil company or two and then release hell upon the lives of people throughout the oil producing world. Before long your oil company and all the other oil companies are very wealthy.

If you have the only oil around and the supply has been sabotaged by the war you could get very rich. The less there is the more you can charge. Of course you only really need the perception of supply being sabotaged. Of course wild speculation by war profiteers on the stock market and mindless war fever by the media will help whip a climate of hysteria and greed driving the prices beyond your wildest dreams.

It's not just a scam, to the United States of America it has been a way of life.

What about if you can no longer invade other countries to cause inflation? Let's say that your military has been defeated like the United States. In Iraq and Afghanistan the U.S. has been pummeled and tied down into nothing more than nuisance. The old Baathists are now back in their old positions of power and the government of Afghanistan is negotiating for its life with the Taliban.

Perhaps one could cause inflation by attacking somewhere else? How about Iran? No they are far too ready to fight back, and North Korea is likewise all too ready to retaliate with nuclear missiles.

But there must be some weak declining empire you can knock around, murder its citizens and hopefully raise the price of oil along with the international tensions? How about Russia? The West has been smacking Boris around for over a decade now.

So with this reasoning in mind it is understandable why the United States of America would arm and train its proxy Georgian army to attack and kill Russian troops and at the same time do some excessively brutal ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia.

You must of course be both desperate for anyone else to attack as well as a little dim on Russian history to even attempt such a stupid thing. Of course capitalism is not about being smart; it's about fear and greed as a way of life. Provoking Russia into war is and always has been the pinnacle of stupidity.

Russia fought back and did not get crushed in Ossetia. Their troops defended themselves from a sneak attack when the whole world was distracted by the Olympics. When the initial attack was repulsed Russia counter attacked it cut America's ally in half. Did Russia take revenge on Georgia? No, Russia disabled Georgia's ability to attack its peacekeepers in Ossetia and Abkhazia. Yes, of all the shocks we could ever experience, for the West this was intolerable – the Russians were found to be humanitarians giving food to Georgians, removing murderers to prison and withdrawing when it was no longer necessary to stay. My God, we almost died of shock.

With no one left to attack, the world could get along with producing oil and running their industries without threat of invasion. So the price of oil started to drop, and then the rest of the economy based on speculation and constant total war went smack right into the brick wall of its own creation. Alas America could no longer finance its debts through war and inflation.

Murder Inc. has gone out of business, thanks to the glorious Russian Army. As a westerner who has witnessed the Cold War and The Fall of the Soviet Union, you can imagine my shock. Imagine the shock of all my other first world wealthy Westerners.

My dearest Russian friends, now that everything is beginning to collapse here, will you pity us as we pitied you? God I hope not.

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